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Summer Travelers Will Be Here Soon!

Organizing and planning before the visitors arrive is essential so that everyone will be comfortable and have a fun and relaxing time.

Are you expecting houseguests in the near future? If so, these tips are sure to make them feel right at home. For relaxing and unwinding, have DVDs (or videos) and books for them to choose from. Make sure there is good lighting for reading and a comfortable chair. If you can, set bird feeders outside the windows to provide natural enjoyment. In the kitchen have a basket with a choice of teas, ciders, cocoa mixes and coffee. The guest bathroom should have a basket with soaps, lotions, bubble bath and candles. An added luxury would be a fluffy bathrobe and lots of soft fluffy towels. Don’t forget a small basket of new sample size toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, cotton swabs and cotton balls. Have blankets of different weights folded neatly near the bed. And of course, a vase filled with fresh flowers is always lovely.

A very nice touch for the morning ­ send the family’s early bird out to fetch fresh bagels. Have the coffee set up so all the guests have to do is click the on button. Better yet, ask them what time they’d like the coffee to brew and set it on auto. Be sure to have a variety of sweeteners and please, have some real cream or half-and-half in the refrigerator.

Another option is the Help Yourself breakfast bar. Various juices, milk, cereal, sliced breads or muffins, and a few varieties of jelly, and you are set. Your guests can serve themselves at whatever time they wake up and not many dishes to wash.

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